Comedy, Audience Participation Family Magic Show

This is BJ Hickman’s most popular show. Usually :45 minutes, this show is also available in short segments for mall and promotional situations or one-hour for theater or arts center shows. This professional show features audience participation, clever deceptions, mind reading miracles, and lots of non-stop action-packed magical fun and silly surprises. This is appropriate for all ages. Available in NH, MA, ME, and throughout New England.

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“Recycling Magic” School Assembly

Lots of fun as bottles, cans, cardboard, paper and more are used (and reused) to promote the importance of recycling. BJ Hickman takes the participants on a magical journey through the “A to Z” list of who should recycle, why we recycle, how to recycle, and what to recycle. The magic words, “I reeeee-cycle” will be remembered for years! Waste Management has often been the sponsor. 

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“Magic of Reading” School Assembly Program

Also appropriate for libraries, this is BJ’s longest running school show. BJ uses fun, audience participation magic tricks with the alphabet and words to encourage reading.
Elementary school age audiences also see how easy it is to “escape” from watching television excessively. This program has been seen in NH, MA, ME, NY, CT, RI, and VT. 

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Conflict Resolution Magic School Assembly Program

In this topical program for elementary and middle school children, magician BJ Hickman uses magic tricks and curiosities to communicate messages about making healthy lifestyle changes. In this humorous, audience participation presentation, things change, appear, and disappear as important messages about facing conflict are discussed. An audience member’s head vanishes (and re-appears.)

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Magic for Beginners Workshop

This is a hands-on magical learning experience. It is popular for parks and recreation centers, libraries, schools, senior centers, universities, and arts centers. Participants learn easy to master, fun magic tricks using every day objects found around the house (cards, coins, etc.). Sequential learning skills and the importance of practice are emphasized. There is also some discussion about the history of magic, magicians and the styles of magic. Instructor is professional magician BJ Hickman.

Speaking Engagements

Interesting and entertaining, professional magician BJ Hickman speaks for civic clubs and various organizations on “The Business of Entertaining Children” and “” for healthcare professionals. His lectures for magicians  have taken him throughout the nation. 
-Education professionals get fun ideas with his “Inventive Teacher” program.

-Continuing education for doctors and nurses? BJ Hickman’s “PediaTRICKS” program teaches magic tricks, curiosities, and diversions to make children feel relaxed and comfortable in stressful situations.

-BJ Hickman teaches several magic tricks with every day objects that you can do to dazzle your friends, break the ice at corporate functions, or get your foot in the door to improve sales. Based on his book, “Magic Speaks Louder Than words”

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