Magician BJ Hickman in the news.

New Hampshire Magicians

Cochecho Arts Festival takes new shape for 2020

DOVER — Fans of the Cochecho Arts Festival will be happy to hear the festival will be held in 2020, even though the format has to change because of the coronavirus pandemic.

New Hampshire Magicians

The next ‘stage’ for magician BJ Hickman

DOVER — Garrison City-based magician BJ Hickman’s experience in advertising has meant a busy schedule when combined with his avocation performing magic shows.

BJ Hickman, Magician

Explain in one sentence what your current job is. I’m a magician traveling mostly throughout New England and occasionally in other parts of the country with an audience participation-comedy-fun magic show for all ages.

Taylor Community hosts magician BJ Hickman

LACONIA — New Hampshire Magician BJ Hickman performs audience participation, comedy magic shows through New England, including New Hampshire, Main, Massachusetts and throughout the U.S., as well as the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

New Hampshire Magicians

Magician BJ Hickman honored by peers

DOVER — In 1969, Richard M. Nixon was president of the United States, man first landed on the moon, and 16-year-old magician BJ Hickman joined The International Brotherhood of Magicians or I.B.M.

Q&A with: Magician BJ Hickman

Robert John “BJ” Hickman went into radio following his graduation from Keene State College in 1975, working his way from nighttime disc jockey to general sales manager at WTSN in Dover.

Magician BJ Hickman’s Show for the Cochecho Arts Fest Marks 35 Years Performing for Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce Events

Magician BJ Hickman’s Tuesday morning magic show for the Cochecho Arts Festival in Dover will mark 35 consecutive years performing for Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce events.

Dover’s man of magic entertains from coast to coast

Wherever BJ Hickman goes, a sense of wonder seems to follow.

Cover Magus – BJ Hickman

16-year-old magician BJ Hickman joined The International Brotherhood of Magicians. Some 41 years later The I.B.M. honored Hickman in a cover story in their journal, The Linking Ring

New Hampshire Magicians

Magical transfer

Magicians Steve Thomas and BJ Hickman pose for the “Transferring of the magic wand”.

New Hampshire Magicians

The WEST Fun Fest will juggle, joke and otherwise delight the entire family

PORTSMOUTH — Designed to thrill, amaze and dumbfound the entire family, Pontine Theatre will again host a new generation of Vaudeville performers at its WEST FUN FEST, Dec. 26-30, as it has done since 2008.

New Hampshire Magicians

BJ Hickman to perform Tuesday

DOVER — The Cochecho Arts Festival’s Childrens Series performance on Tuesday will leave the audience spellbound as magician B.J. Hickman takes to the stage.

Magician of Many Talents

Diversification. Integration. Collaboration. Those three words might sound similar to an advertising slogan for a Fortune 500 company, but they are descriptive of BJ Hickman’s approach to succeeding at the business of performing magic, and speaking publicly.