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Fees for a magician differ geographically, by experience, by venue, and by VALUE! A family of four will likely pay more to go see a a famous illusion show in a big city than they would ever be willing to pay to hire a professional magician for a child’s birthday party. The latter, however, might be a better experience and at a fraction of the price.

It’s all relative. While the big Las Vegas show may be exciting, fantastic, and “as seen on TV,” a local professional magician may better be suited to amaze a small group of children (and adults) in your living room or back yard with close-up, inches away magic and comedy with lots of laughs and memories. But buyer beware.

I like to remind shoppers to be “aware”. You want those lasting memories to be positive ones. While beginners and some part-timers may be cheap; moderate or a bit-more expensive acts are more likely to be more entertaining, professional, dependable, experienced, guaranteed, insured, and recommended. An affordable professional might be a better bet than “cheap.” Remember, you want:
* Entertaining: You want to impress guests with a fun show.
* Professional: A magician who looks the part, thinks on his/her feet, is organized, and easy to work with.
* Dependable: “Showing up” is a good thing, and better if early or on-time. And delivers what was promised.
* Experienced: This magician better be ready to handle anything, from special needs audience members to unusual circumstances.
* Guaranteed: Every “what if” eventually happens, and you will be rest assured if the magician is prepared to make-good on the unexpected.
* Insured: Do they have liability insurance when they enter your house? Are they going to act responsibly when something they caused results in a major expense?
* Recommended: Who do you know who has used the magician you are considering? How did it go? Was the audience impressed?

Hiring a great magician with these qualities makes you look great.

So, how much? Well, there are exceptions depending on proximity to a big city, general population, Holiday dates, multiple show discounts, weekdays vs. weekends, special circumstances, etc. but here are some general prices you would likely find in New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, as a general rule of thumb:

For house parties such as birthday parties for children, you might pay a range between $350 and $500, and possibly more for adult parties, and possibly less if the magician is already going to be in your town that day, or just starting out.

For special events such as festivals, “Old Home Days,” Parks and Recreation Departments, Libraries, School Assembly Programs, Campgrounds, etc., you are likely to be quoted between $475 to $700; and more for travel, larger events, multiple day trade shows, and overnight expenses.

Based in New Hampshire, busy family entertainer BJ Hickman performs throughout New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts, and occasionally elsewhere, including Florida and California.

BJ Hickman performs at Dover, New Hampshire Cochecho Arts Festival
Beautiful day for a (BJ Hickman) magic show in Dover, New Hampshire.